Current Securty Release Cyberfox 52.7.4 [SIGNED] New

Cyberfox 52.7.4 is now digitally signed current process of obtaining a new digital code signing certificate now complete. Sorry for any inconveniences caused we have updated all unsigned builds with a digital signature.

Current Securty Release Cyberfox 52.7.4 [UNSIGNED BUILD] Fixed

In Cyberfox 52.7.4 is not digitally signed currently in process of obtaining a new digital code signing certificate. Next releases will be signed sorry about this, changes to the new vadidation process for obtaining digital code signing certificates has changed.

Highlighted system plugins

Highlighted system plugins

In Cyberfox 52.6.0 highlighting system plugins in grey defining them from regular installed plugins. (Usability update) this should help alleviate confusions between standard 3rd party plugins and browser shipped system plugins when no plugins are enabled.

Meltdown/Spectre attack New

Hello, Everyone In regards to Meltdown/Spectre attack Cyberfox is already protected from this as SharedArrayBuffer is already disabled in Firefox 52 ESR Branch this branch is what Cyberfox is based on. If it wasn't already disabled, an update would have been released to resolve it. Security is high priority for us, we thought best to make a few posts to help ease any enquiries.

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Address bar not working with "Alternate Appearance (Classic)"

In Cyberfox 52.0.3 with CyberCTR version 1.6.2 there is a bug with "Alternate Appearance (Classic)", please see the solutions below to resove your issue.

  • Turn off "Alternate Appearance (Classic)" till update
  • Update to the new CyberCTR 1.6.3
  • Do ether of the above untill Cyberfox 52.0.4 release
  • Cyberfox and its future direction Important

    Hello, Everyone When cyberfox started way back in late 2012 there was not foresight as to what it would become today as back then it was a small project for a personal few to overcome short comings of Firefox, It was released publicly and oddly grew rather steadily beyond what i had imagined for the project. Eventually getting its own dedicated website and support system the Cyberfox project really started to take off and with it the amount of time and dedication the project needed to keep going in the direction it was heading. Cost also increased as the project grew and a shared resource system with sourceforge for open source applications saved so much in terms of CDN costs.

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    End of support for Windows Vista with Cyberfox 52.0 Updated

    In Cyberfox 52.0 the browser will no longer support or run on windows vista, both x86 & x64 bit versions will no longer launch on this OS version. The installer will also no longer install the browser on this OS version.

    If you have Cyberfox installed on windows vista Cyberfox 51.0.2 is the last working version. We urge you not to use Cyberfox 51.0.2 after Cyberfox 52.0 is release for security reasons.

    Cyberfox 52.0 ships with all plugins disabled by default

    In Cyberfox 52.0 the new browser plugin setting for all browser plugins is default disabled, Users who use the browser plugins will have to enable it.

    Cyberfox has kept user controllable plugins however the default state for all plugins are disabled see appropriate FAQ documentations.

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    Cyberfox now ships with language packs and internal language selector

    In Cyberfox 51.0.2 language packs are built and shipped internally with the browser, this is to address issues with users having a hard time finding language packs and to reduce overall update issues with users who have language packs.

    What does this mean, this means users will have to uninstall current language packs and language manager addon will have cyberfox related features removed, this also means you will no longer be able to download the latest language packs from this site as those features are being deprecated.

    Toggle flash plugin allowed state Updated

    In Cyberfox 51.0 the new browser plugin setting for flash browser plugin is default disabled, Users who use the Flash browser plugin will have to enable it.

    In cyberfox 50.0 it will still be enabled by default, The state can easily be toggled in the browsers settings pages. Click to view the FAQ article.

    This feature is the same as the java feature.

    about:addons not working after update when using a language pack!

    In Cyberfox 50.1.1 we added back a removed feature to the about:addons page, if you're using a language pack simply update your language pack, an error message will show until you update language packs.


    Update to latest version of the language pack.

    You can manually download the pack from Cyberfox download pages or install language manager addon

    [Flash player] (Games) not loading or working correctly Updated

    If you Flash based Zynga or Facebook games not working in the latest Cyberfox 50.0 update, see below for a solution.

    • 1.) Update 'Flash Player' version or higher
    • 2.) Toggle 'dom.ipc.plugins.asyncdrawing.enabled' in about:config to TRUE
    • 3.) Disable hardware accleration in Flash player
    • 4.) Restart Cyberfox

    Learn more here

    Update: 29.11.2016
    This is fixed in 50.0.1 release as the preference is enabled by default.

    Cyberfox update manager is being deprecated Updated

    Cyberfox update manager is being deprecated with Cyberfox 50 update. Cyberfox 50 has a new internal updater to handle browser updates. Please uninstall Cyberfox update manager after updating to Cyberfox 50

    Learn more here:

    Cyberfox update manager will update one last time after this update. The update will guide you through the uninstall process helping you remove the update manager from your system.

    Update: 15.01.2017
    Cyberfox update manager and Cyberfox portable update manager now have been deprecated, if you failed to update from an older version i.e 49.0 then you will have to manually update.

    Removed Stage3D compatibility workaround

    In earlier versions we added a wordaround for Stage3D allowing Flash games to work in Cyberfox due to changes with how x64 handle Flash player and features the x64 Flash player lacked, this workaround has now been removed, see Solution below.


    Update to latest flash player or higher

    Cyberfox linux debian installer package

    Cyberfox now has a Debian installer package, this major stepping stone and massive improvement to Cyberfox for Linux users is all thanks to the help of one amazing user @hawkeye116477, with his help Cyberfox for Linux has changed for the better, just goes to show how one person doing a small thing can make a massive difference for everyone.

    More exciting changes are yet to come, but firstly thank you @hawkeye116477 we appreciate it.

    Cyberfox linux unity edtion no longer available.

    The Cyberfox unity edition for Linux has been discontinued, because the feature is now integrated as default, for users running the Cyberfox 49.0 version the unity menu bar will be used by default, you can change this on first run with CyberCTR or by toggling the following preference in the about:config


    • Type about:config in browser URL bar
    • Accept warning
    • Find the following preference: ui.use_unity_menubar
    • Toggle from True to False

    Toggling the above preference will restore default pre-49.0 functionality.

    Update link showing Cyberfox x86 download page in Cyberfox x64 Updated

    A small macro that depending on if x86 or x64bit build sets the link for the update page you see, this macro has once again broke due to changes to the Mozilla build system and currently with Cyberfox 48.0 when clicking the "view update" or "update available at 8pecxstudios" buttons its showing the Cyberfox x86 download page.

    We are very sorry about this and are going to impliment a more solid solution this time, in the mean time see below to resolve the issue.

    Simply navigate to the correct page.

    Update: 25.08.2016
    This is fixed in 48.0.2 however in 48.0.1 you will still get the issue when the update notification appears after 48.0.2 is released.

    AIOS (All-In-One-Sidebar) Addon for firefox. Updated

    Currently this addon is broken in Firefox & Cyberfox, click to see the solution to get it working again or try below the solution below.

    • 1.) Disable 'Sidebar Collapsing'
    • 2.) Enable 'Sidebar Grippy' and, if necessary, use it
    • 3.) Restart browser.

    Update: 25.08.2016
    Update All-in-One Sidebar to version 0.7.30 it contains a quickfix for this issue.

    Context3D not available! Possible reasons: wrong wmode or missing device support. Updated

    To play Flash based games i.e Farmvile 2, Facebook games or other Flash games, you may get the above error.

    To resolve this error you must change the following preference: "dom.ipc.plugins.stage3dcompat" to TRUE in the about:config

    Important: Enabling Stage3D compatible mode lowers the browsers security of the plugin sandbox for Flash player, this means its done so at your own risk.

    Update: 21.09.2016
    Removed Stage3D compatibility workaround in Cyberfox 49.0


    Update to latest Flash player or higher

    Java not working, See why below!

    In cyberfox 47.0 the new browser plugin setting for Java browser plugin is default disabled, users who use the Java browser plugin will have to enable it, click to view the FAQ article.