Available in two UI styles

Default Australis UI or Classic UI
Choose & customize your favorite look today!

Selection Made Easy

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Intel, Amd

  • Intel
    Intel x86
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    Intel x64
  • Amd
    Amd x86
  • Amd
    Amd x64

Cyberfox Features

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Choose From Two Styles

With both the Australis and Classic styles available to choose between, as well as many other customizable features, you can personalize your interface to change how you see the web!

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Processor Based Optimization

Cyberfox ships with 2 main versions of cyberfox, one optimized for Intel based CPU's, and one optimized for AMD based CPU's. By selecting the right version for your system, cyberfox lets your browse the web faster than ever.

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Cyberfox also comes in portable format, so you can take cyberfox anywhere you go with all your favorite addons and settings.

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Additional Features

We are constantly adding cool new features to improve cyberfox and your user experience.